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Grubb & Ellis

Mar 3, 10:31 PM

NGKF Irvine and Newport Beach offices joined forces to volunteer at the largest hunger relief organization in the Orange county. - Second Harvest Food Bank

Mar 3, 7:31 PM

Friday Market Insight - Sublease on the Rise: Office sublease space has been rising gradually, from the recent low of 81.5 million square feet available at mid-2014 to 97.1 million square feet at year-end 2016.

Feb 24, 9:09 PM

International Insight - The Pendulum Swings: Australian Office Market Snapshot This market update highlights Australias core office market statistics for 1Q 2017. The market pendulum reflects views on the markets favorability toward tenants, landlords, or whether it is evenly balanced. A summary is also included on the nations current vacancy rates.

Feb 24, 8:06 PM

Friday Market Insight - Time Marches On The U.S. population continues to grow older. Looking at Census Bureau data by 10-year age bands, the biggest spike over the next 10 years will occur among those aged 70 to 79, with the older half of the baby boom generation, now in their 60s, aging into their 70s.