Constellation NewEnergy

Constellation NewEnergy

Constellation NewEnergy

Jul 17, 8:43 PM

Congratulations to 2017 Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship winner Scott McCarron. It was a memorable week filled with great golf while strengthening our commitment to the community and environment. #SeniorPlayers

Jul 13, 0:11 PM

The first round of Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship competitive play has started! We're excited to be back in Baltimore supporting our community with another carbon neutral event. #SeniorPlayers

Jul 23, 11:30 AM

Vampire energy?! Megan Watts knows how to prevent that. Jules on the other hand... #OhWattADay

Jul 11, 3:40 PM

Athletes from Special Olympics Maryland are testing out the course today in preparation for Constellation SENIOR PLAYERS Championship. Were proud to support their mission of social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences today and throughout the year. #SeniorPlayers #PlayUnified