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nettime solutions (originally Vitrix Inc.) is an American software company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company produces time and attendance software for national and international businesses. The software is developed to help companies keep track of labor management data in real time, which in turn is intended to aid workforce decisions. The software is also intended to help companies maintain their compliance with local, state, and federal labor laws. In 2010, the companys SaaS software handled over $3 billion in payroll. During the dotcom boom in 1995, Bahan Sadegh decided to start a business that wrote software for biometric devices. Sadegh, who was then a senior at Arizona State University, became the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company. The stated goal at the time was to help businesses manage their employees hours, vacation time, sick leave, and pay schedule with web-based software that was simple to use. In 1996, the company was incorporated in Scottsdale, Arizona as Vitrix Inc. Vitrix (a contraction of "vital biometrics") developed software controlling biometric devices in two forms. The first was time and attendance software, and the second was day care center software that generated a receipt for parents to pick up their children.