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Mavituna Security

Mavituna Security

Mar 3, 3:34 PM

Our CEO Ferruh being interviewed at the RSA 2016 conference. The interview will be available on YouTube shortly, so stay tuned with us! #netsparker #rsac #sanfrancisco

Aug 14, 7:14 AM

2015 statistics from Security Tool Addict's benchmarking tests: Netsparker web application security scanners detect all direct impact vulnerabilities without reporting any false positive. Read this post for more information on Netsparker scanners' performance in the 2015 benchmarking tests. #infosecurity #websecurity #scanning

Jul 15, 4:00 PM

We are giving a free Netsparker Cloud account to developers of open source web applications. We understand that many open source projects do not have the budget to buy the right tools to write more secure code. And open source projects are pretty popular so for a safer internet we need such good initiative. Are you a developer or a group of developers working on an open source web application? Read this post and get in touch with us to get you started. No surprises, no tricks, free is FREE. #opensource #security #infosec

Feb 25, 2:58 PM