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Net Optics is a manufacturer of network monitoring and intelligent access solutions for physical and virtual networks. The company was established in 1996 by Eldad Matityahu. Ixia announced the purchase of Net Optics on October 29, 2013. Net Optics’ line of passive network monitoring access devices includes taps, bypass switches, regeneration taps, aggregators, data monitoring switches, and media converters. Products are designed and manufactured in the United States. Net Optics' Network Performance Monitoring and Application Flow Monitoring solutions extend visibility and control into the application layer. Net Optics was founded in 1996 by Eldad Matityahu. The company’s original focus was producing network taps - hardware devices that monitor network traffic. Net Optics now offers a range of network monitoring solutions for telecommunications, banking, finance, government and large enterprise. In 2011, Net Optics introduced the Phantom Virtual Tap, granting users 100% visibility in monitoring virtual network environments.

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