Feb 18, 1:13 AM

The latest NetAcquire newsletter, written by one of our junior future employees ;)

May 27, 0:49 PM

NetAcquire Version 8.3 with Security Hardening has been released. Embedded and unattended computer devices are ever increasingly targeted by cybercriminals and state-sponsored adversaries! In addition, the new Department of Defense accreditation Risk Management Framework (RMF) has additional security controls beyond previous DIACAP accreditation. With the release of NetAcquire software version 8.3, NetAcquire Corporation offers even more security hardening and network encryption choices to support sensitive deployments in mission-critical environments. New NetAcquire software version 8.3 security features include: Anti-virus scanning (ordering option) Centralized username/password authentication using Kerberos/Active Directory Encrypted CORBA network communication Cryptographically-signed software updates Ongoing monitoring for security issues and distribution of installable security patches (product support subscription option). All new capabilities are tightly integrated into the existing NetAcquire software framework to offer unmatched security without compromising real-time performance or ease-of-use. The latest version 8.3 security features complement many existing security capabilities already present in the NetAcquire product line including: Multiple encrypted network protocols: HTTPS (Web), SFTP (file transfer), SSH (shell) Configurable password policy and expiry Extensive security and audit logging (local and syslog) Optional read-only keyswitch on operating system disk drive for classified environments. To learn more about how NetAcquire can support your programs security needs, please contact NetAcquires Customer Support Team at or 888-675-1122.

Apr 18, 10:41 PM

Our new 8.2 Server Software release has been out since December. Are you taking advantage of these great features? Simplified TMoIP user interface with advanced capabilities High stability serial output bit rate mode Enhanced Mil-Std-1553 message decommutation IRIG 106 Chapter 10 over UDP IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Analog Data format Increased software frame sync speed CCSDS Reed Solomon (255,239) Enhanced user-configured I/O channel naming Up to 512 Data Flow instances Linux Web browser optimization VXI-11 support Variable length serial message recording Contact for more information.

Jun 2, 8:01 PM

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