Jun 28, 7:53 AM

Back pain can affect all workers, whether in our warehouse, on the road or at their desks. During #NationalSafetyMonth, were providing tips and resources to help keep our #RNDC associates safe while on the job. . When lifting, keep your back straight and bend your knees while keeping the object close to your body. Consider making 2 trips instead of 1. At your desk, keep your feet flat on the ground. Your keyboard and mouse should be elbow height. #KeepEachOtherSafe

Jun 26, 0:14 PM

""Be passionate, love what you do and your enthusiasm will become infectious."" Steele Cooper, #RNDC Director, Supplier Business Development . #RNDClife #RNDCcareers #mondaymotivation

Jun 22, 10:52 AM

I really enjoy the people I work with. We all get along and help each other out as needed. That is what makes a team! I also enjoy the four day work schedule which means more time with my family. Jerry Brown, RNDC Delivery Driver . . . #RNDC #RNDClife #RNDCcareers

Jun 21, 5:11 PM

Were working to build the next generation of leaders. Our Millennial Advisory Council, a group of 8 young RNDC associates, just finished up 2 days of leadership and development training. We learned about building our leadership brand and how to communicate strategically to engage others and achieve results. A special thanks to our expert speakers, @averytoday and David Grossman! ... #RNDC #RNDClife #RNDCcareers #millennials