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Severstal (Russian: ??????????, "Northern Steel") is a Russian company mainly operating in the steel and mining industry, centred in the northern city of Cherepovets. Severstal is listed on the Moscow Exchange and LSE. As of 2009, it is the largest steel company in Russia according to the Metal Bulletin. The majority of the companys stock belongs to Alexey Mordashov. Severstal owns major industrial facilities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, and Italy, as well as in several African countries. The company also has mining assets, thus securing its supply of raw materials. Severstal also owns Severstal Cherepovets, a professional ice hockey club which plays in the Kontinental Hockey League. Severstal company also owns an airline - Severstal Air, operating mainly from Vnukovo Moscow Airport and from its home base Cherepovets Airport. During the early 1930s, deposits of iron ore were discovered on the Kola Peninsula and, at about the same time large quantities of coal were discovered in the area of Pechora. These two factors made it possible to establish a viable steel industry in the northwest of Russia. In 1940 the Soviet government published a resolution "On The Organisation of Steel Making in the North-West of the USSR", which created a steel mill in Cherepovets, a city accessible by both the St Petersburg-Ekaterinburg railway and by the Volga-Baltic waterway.

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