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The Malaysian ringgit (/'r??g?t/; plural: still ringgit; symbol: RM; currency code: MYR; formerly the Malaysian dollar) is the currency of Malaysia. It is divided into 100 sen (cents). The ringgit is issued by the Bank Negara Malaysia. The word ringgit is an obsolete term for "jagged" in Malay and was originally used to refer to the serrated edges of silver Spanish dollars which circulated widely in the area during the 16th and 17th century Portuguese colonial era. In modern usage ringgit is used almost solely for the currency. Due to the common heritage of the three modern currencies, the Singapore dollar and the Brunei dollar are also called ringgit in Malay (currencies such as the US and Australian dollars are translated as dolar), although nowadays the Singapore dollar is more commonly called dolar in Malay. To differentiate between the three currencies, the Malaysian currency is referred to as Ringgit Malaysia, hence the official abbreviation and currency symbol RM. Internationally, the ISO 4217 currency code for Malaysian ringgit is MYR. The Malay names ringgit and sen were officially adopted as the sole official names in August 1975. Previously they had been known officially as dollars and cents in English and ringgit and sen in Malay, and in some parts of the country this usage continues. In the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia, denominations of 10 sen are called kupang in Malay ("poat8" in Hokkien, "Jiao" ? in Mandarin), e.g. 50 sen is 5 kupang ("5 poat8" in Hokkien, "wujiao" ?? in Mandarin).

Highest paying job titles at MYR include Operations Manager, Safety Engineer, and Estimator


Market Cap$431.7 million
Revenue$1.4 billion
5 Year Trend+19.5%
Net Income$28.8 million
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Top Experts at MYR

MYR Salaries

Operations Manager



Average Salary:$162,500

Safety Engineer



Average Salary:$90,000




Average Salary:$212,500

Office Manager



Average Salary:$128,750

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