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Jun 9, 6:57 PM

RAF Electronic Hardware an MW Industries Company Quick Turned Contacts Application: Military Satellite Microwave Attenuator Problem: Existing customer was presented with a large, new opportunity that required a short run of custom electrical contacts be designed, produced, and tested in a very short time period. The MWI Solution: Dedicated engineering, production, and quality resources to the task Supported the customer in re-engineering an existing contact to fit the new application Machined the new contact from Beryllium Copper stock Heat treated and gold plated the components to ensure the desired performance Delivered the finished parts for product testing within three weeks Result(s): The customer was able to successfully test their product design and were awarded the contract for production quantities. Our RAF location used the experience to develop an internal production framework, dubbed Quick Turn, to provide custom short run turned contacts within three weeks of receiving an order. To learn more visit:

Jun 9, 1:36 PM

Happy Friday!

Jun 8, 7:50 PM

Helical Products, an MW Industries Company FREE samples - while supplies last! Come pick up a FREE sample kit of couplings that can compensate for angular, parallel, or skewed misalignment on June 13-15! Visit Helical Products an MW Industries Company & R.P. Luce & Company, Inc. June 13-15 at the MedTechWorld trade show booth #332. Set up an appointment for a FREE sample kit and product info today! Contact: 877-FLEXURE We look forward to seeing you at MedTechWorld!

Jun 8, 0:56 PM

Fast Solar Springs Win! Century Spring a MW Industries company Application: Solar Power Systems Problem: After providing an initial quote a few months prior, a new energy market customer placed their first order from Century Springs stock spring inventory with an immediate need for more parts than we had on hand. Century Spring a MW Industries company Solution: Verified that we had raw material to produce the desired quantity Coordinated with production to rearrange the production schedule and expedite the parts Manufactured and shipped the order within two days Result(s): The customer was elated with the service they received and the attention given to a first-time buyer. Their newest solar system entered production with no delays.