Aug 31, 0:04 AM

Traditional approaches to website translation generate more effort - and costs - than most people expect. Turn-key proxy-based solutions, on the other hand, remove the operational complexities and costs of website localization, making it easy to translate, deploy, and operate multilingual websites. Read more about the ease and benefits of the proxy approach:

Aug 30, 8:50 PM

Smart companies understand the importance of serving their global customers with translated websites. But even the savviest organizations underestimate a key way to further increase brand trust and awareness in new markets. Localizing your omnichannel content is critical for success in international markets. It makes all the difference in supporting international marketing and sales efforts. Read more to learn how localizing content in various channels can drive growth across all your markets:

Aug 28, 2:10 PM

Viceroy Hotels, partnered with MotionPoint, implemented Arabic website translation in 90 days to better reach the UAE market. Read more at Hospitality Technology:

Aug 24, 6:10 PM

Viceroy Hotels partnered with MotionPoint to connect with Arabic speakers in the Middle East. Read more at HOTELS Magazine: