Jul 6, 6:01 PM

If youre thinking of expanding your brand to serve global customers, you should know that localizing your website is an important first step. But it isnt the only one. Trust is big factor, too. Heres three mission-critical components to engaging global customers and earning their business:

Jun 30, 4:00 PM

In the 90s, 80% of online users spoke English. And now? Just 25%. How does your B2B site help serve the other 75%? If you want engage your global customers the right way, check out this article here: Its packed with data that shows the changing demographics of the internet, and what that means for globally competitive brands like yours.

Jun 20, 9:00 PM

Leading brands can maximize global customer engagement online and across global markets with the latest digital marketing trends and tactics. Thank you, Nelly Gocheva (Editorial Director, T Brand Studio International, The New York Times) for sharing your insight on these trends at MotionPoints Digital Innovation Forum. And thank you to all of Digital Innovation Forum attendees! Follow us to get information about future events.

Jun 19, 2:38 PM

Want to know how B2B manufacturers with lean teams and limited resources can easily and affordably serve global customers? Check out our latest case study featuring Trinseo.

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