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The Monarch Beverage Company Inc is a diversified, international beverage company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The companys CEO is Jacques Bombal. The company was founded in 1965 by Frank Armstrong. Monarch Beverage Company aimed to establish itself by offering lesser-known soft drink brands that had strong regional sales and appeal. Monarch Beverage Company purchased Dads from IC Industries of Chicago in 1986. Around that time, it was the second largest volume (12 million cases) root beer brand and was distributed by the Coca-Cola bottler network. In 2007, The Dads Root Beer Company, LLC of Jasper, Indiana, acquired the Dads Root Beer brand as well as the rights to Bubble Up, Dr. Wells and Sun Crest in the U.S. and some other countries from The Monarch Beverage Co. of Atlanta. Monarch Beverages is now concentrated on international markets where it does 90% of its business with brands like Kickapoo Joy Juice, American Cola and Rush! Energy.
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