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MobileX Labs is a Chicago-based app development company. MobileX Labs based in Chicago, Illinois was founded by CEO Daniel Novaes and Kiran Panesar in 2012. While Novaes was attending Indiana University, he met Pansar on an odd-jobs website when he was looking to develop an app for his music blog. After hiring Panesar to complete the app, the two worked on other apps together before deciding to develop software that would allow users to develop apps with no coding required. Prior to founding MobileX Labs, Novaes founded various companies including Elekteks Inc. His first business was exporting discount clothing and other merchandise online. In July 2014, the company raised $1.5 million in seed financing from The Garland Funds in advance of the beta launch of MXL Build app builder, later renamed Nativ. Mark Cuban was brought on as an advisor. MXL developed 20,000 users in its beta form. The program provides users with app development tools that require no knowledge in computer coding. MLX creates native apps, and does not use hybrid building software. The app builder was initially targeted at the music industry; in order to allow musicians and music companies to develop their apps.