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mobileStorm is a SaaS based product for multi-channel communications. Businesses use mobileStorm to build a database of customers and gives them the ability to reach people on smart phones via email, text-message, push notification, secure messages to mobile apps and sites, as well as voice and fax broadcast. The communications firm started by Jared Reitzin is based in Los Angeles, California. To date, the company has sent billions of messages and launched more than a million marketing campaigns. Some of their clients include, NASCAR, American Idol and Kaiser Permanente. In 1998, at the age of 19, Reitzin dropped out of college to start a record label called Katalyst Music Group. Within Katalyst, Reitzin started a technology division where they built websites for larger labels. Early in the company’s founding, Jonathan Schreiber, an advisor, inspired Reitzins interest in mobile technology. mobileStorm officially launched in 1999 and incorporated in August 2000. They raised $40,000 initially from friends and family and were entirely self-funded.