Miraval Resort

Miraval Resort

Miraval Resort

Jul 31, 4:01 PM

With grit & grace, she''s wild like the desert. @nellrebowe #LifeinBalance #MindfulAtMiraval

Jul 30, 11:54 PM

Miraval sunsets remind us that everyday can have a beautiful ending. (photo by @stevecase) #LifeinBalance #MindfulAtMiraval

Jul 28, 8:43 AM

Just like nature''s beauty, peace and love can grow just about anywhere. ( @knorris828) #LifeinBalance #MindfulAtMiraval

Jul 26, 9:35 AM

You''ve got a piece of my Tart: Honey & Chvre Tart with caramel pear ribbons, apricot gel, candied walnuts and red wine reduction, by Miraval pastry chef Caitlin @platedpastry829 #LifeinBalance #MiravalRecipes