Miraval Resort

Miraval Resort

Miraval Resort

Sep 30, 2:13 PM

Peace in the Darkness: Coming October 8th to Miraval, a unique sensory experience that relaxes the body and mind through groundbreaking water deprivation using blindfolds to experience only the weightlessness of water, the deep, relaxing stretches of Thai massage and the pulsations of sound from powerful underwater speakers. #LifeInBalance #MindfulAtMiraval

Sep 29, 10:05 PM

Experience the benefits of waking up to yoga as you stretch your body and salute the sun. You''ll feel energized, have amazing mental clarity, and will be ready to flow through your day with ease. (@idohairandmakeupartistry)by @marionphotographyaz #LifeinBalance #MindfulAtMiraval

Sep 27, 2:56 PM

Desert Dreams: At Miraval, our guests find a sense of peace they didn''t know they were missing in their lives. #LifeinBalance #MindfulAtMiraval

Sep 25, 3:29 PM

Liquid Gold: With 27 minerals, 22 amino acids, and 5,000 live enzymes in raw honey, its medicinal benefits seem almost miraculous. Discover more at Miraval''s exclusive honey tastings, workshops and beekeeping experiences. #LifeinBalance #MindfulAtMiraval