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Jul 26, 1:20 PM

The answer is Yes! Read the key differences between backup and disaster recovery services. Both are necessary to a strong organizational plan for data and systems availability and management. ==> http://bit.ly/2rAJlJI

Jul 25, 5:17 PM

If your organization has been considering moving some or all of your workloads to the cloud but havent made the commitment yet, watch this video to find out how much and how quickly you could be saving. http://bit.ly/2smr3ZZ

Jul 24, 3:05 PM

Are you running IBMi and Veeam cloud back up or disaster recovery services but have them spread out over multiple data centers? With interconnected dependencies, a failure at any level can lead to costly downtime. And having your critical applications and platforms replicating to multiple data centers can be challenging and inefficient. Now, you can get all of these services through a single data center. Join industry experts from mindSHIFT, Veeam Software, and Centerhill Technology as they discuss the benefits and efficiencies of having all your data consolidated to one data center. RSVP here==> https://cc.readytalk.com/r/n9n241h3dxjm&eom

Jul 7, 3:48 PM

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the ALA Pittsburgh event last week! Interested in learning how one law firm survived a hurricane with our services? Visit this site and read more=> http://bit.ly/2tkuyjW