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MiMedia is a cloud-based online backup service. It was launched in 2010 by technology startup company MiMedia, LLC, based in Port Chester, New York. MiMedia is similar to a number of other backup services, such as AltDrive, Carbonite, Dropbox, and Mozy. Chris Giordano is its CEO. As well as traditional file uploads, MiMedia allows users to back up files using physical media via a "Shuttle Drive"; a portable hard drive that is mailed to users as part of the subscription cost. It enables consumers to access all of their personal content on any device at any time. Once returned the files are then transferred to MiMedias servers directly, avoiding potential bottlenecks arising from typically low upload speeds on broadband connections. Files can then be accessed, and streamed with no downloads needed, from any internet-enabled device. In 2011, MiMedia announced partnerships with BlueTunes and DiJiFi that allow customers from both sites to back up their respective music files and digital photographs to a MiMedia account. In May, MiMedia unveiled a new pricing plan, by which users can get up to 7GB of storage space for free