Aug 25, 1:13 PM

Microf''s lease-to-own option is designed especially for homeowners that need to replace their Air Conditioner or Heat Pump system, but may not be approved for traditional financing, due to low credit scores or financial challenges from the past. Apply online today: https://dealer.microf.com/?did=%20

Aug 24, 3:35 PM

Our latest blog article, ""Less Money For Your Power"" will provide you with tips and tricks to help bring your power bill down and your bank balance up! http://ow.ly/NVY230eqimy #ComfortMadeEasy

Aug 4, 8:40 AM

If you love chunky salsa filled with veggies, this pico de gallo recipe is perfect for your next fiesta: http://www.food.com/recipe/pico-de-Gallo-83371

Aug 3, 10:43 AM

Drain puddles, pools, and any other standing water to minimize the breeding ground for mosquitoes and keep your next barbeque insect-bite free. (Money Talks News)