Michigan Community Blood Centers

Michigan Community Blood Centers

Jun 28, 0:04 PM

""I did some work at a hospital, and there was a gentleman there with AIDS. I worked there for 3 weeks, and the young man died. And I thought if healthy people donated, we''d have more blood to help sick people."" (Ron Read, 30 gallon blood donor) #donateblood #savelives #miblood #mibloodline #michiganblood

Jun 27, 0:23 PM

""I [gave blood], gave up for a while, then came back. My husband is a cancer survivor, so that''s part of why I donate."" (Sue Lamberts, 5 gallon donor) #donateblood #savelives #miblood #mibloodline #michiganblood

Jun 26, 3:10 PM

Our ''Love Michigan'' event begins next week! You could get a t-shirt (and other fun Michigan-made items) for donating blood. Details are on our website - miblood.org.

Jun 26, 0:35 PM

""Why wouldn''t you donate blood? This way, I know I can help other people."" (Steven Shelner, blood donor) #donateblood #savelives #miblood #mibloodline #michiganblood