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Meyer Sound Laboratories is an American company based in Berkeley, California that manufactures self-powered loudspeakers, multichannel audio show control systems, electroacoustic architecture, and audio analysis tools for the professional sound reinforcement, fixed installation, and sound recording industries. The company’s emphasis on research and measurement has resulted in the issuance of dozens of patents, including for the now-standard trapezoidal loudspeaker cabinet shape. Meyer Sound has pioneered other technologies that have become standard in the audio industry, including: processor-controlled loudspeaker systems, self-powered loudspeakers, curvilinear arraying, cardioid subwoofers, and source independent measurement. Meyer Sound has consistently involved itself with advanced research beyond that connected to immediate product development, sometimes in conjunction with arms of the University of California, Berkeley. Some of this research has resulted in unusual products such as their parabolic sound beam and sound field synthesis loudspeakers. Other projects, such as the spherical loudspeaker research underway by Meyer Sound and CNMAT (Center for New Music and Audio Technologies) at UC Berkeley are still in the stage of pure research.