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Why work for us

MetaCommunications is a U.S. software company that develops project workflow and collaboration solutions that automate marketing, brand management, creative design, packaging and prepress processes. MetaCommunications is based in Iowa City, Iowa. In 1991, MetaCommunications was founded in Iowa City as a developer of project management software and collaboration tools for marketing and creative departments. The company later opened additional offices in St. Petersburg, Russia. MetaCommunications first developed software for in-house use and then divested its design and prepress divisions in 1997 in order to focus on software development. In 2011, current CEO Robert Long led an employee buyout of the company. In 2014, the company moved its headquarters to a new 14-story building in Iowa City known as Park@201. In 2015, the company opened a second downtown space to house the engineering team working on a new B2C product. In 2016, Meta opened a new sales office in Austin, Texas.