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Jul 28, 5:39 PM

Did you know that our firm was established in 1900? Read on to learn about Frank D. Merchant, one of our founders and namesakes. Frank D. Merchant was a Midwesterner, born in 1866 in Terre Haute, Indiana. His parents moved to Minnesota when he was a child. Merchant ultimately earned both his engineering and law degrees from the University of Minnesota. He first met James Franklin Williamson--a Minnesotan attorney who started the first patent, trademark, and copyright law firm in Minnesota--in 1888 when he took classes in mechanical engineering. Williamson hired him in 1890 to draft the drawings of inventions that accompanied patent applications. One year later, Merchant was a mechanical engineer with Williamson. He graduated from law school in 1896 and became a junior partner two years later. Merchant then worked his way up to partner. According to the Minnesota Journal newspaper, on April 18, 1900, James Williamson, ""a leading practitioner in patent and trademark law,"" had made Merchant a partner and named the firm Williamson & Merchant. #flashbackfriday #wearemerchantgould

Jul 25, 5:34 PM

We''re delighted to share that Loretta Freeman has been named in The National Black Lawyers Top 100 and Top 40 Under 40 lists for 2017! Join us in congratulating her, and head to our website to read the announcement about this talented attorney. #wearemerchantgould

Jul 6, 3:41 PM

Were happy to share that Kendra Brodin, our Client Development Manager, is now the 46th President of the Minnesota Women Lawyers Board of Directors for 2017-2018! Congratulations! #wearemerchantgould

Jul 6, 11:54 AM

Were proud to announce that our own Mansi H. Shah has been selected as a recipient of Saba North Americas Cornerstone Award. Cornerstone award recipients are individuals who best exemplify through their legal work the objectives of SABA North America and local SABA chapters including: promoting the professional development of the South Asian legal community through networking, education advocacy and mentoring; ensuring the civil liberties of the South Asian community; serving the legal interests of the South Asian community and the community at large; encouraging greater participation by the South Asian community in the legal profession and the government. Congratulations, Mansi, on being chosen for this award, for your untold hours of volunteer work for SABA, and for tirelessly promoting diversity in the legal field.