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The Menarini Group is an Italian pharmaceutical company. It was founded in Naples, Italy, in 1886. Its headquarters is in Florence and has three divisions: Menarini Ricerche, Menarini Biotech and Menarini Diagnostics. It is committed to the search for pharmacological solutions for such therapeutic areas as cardiovascular diseases, oncology, pain/inflammation, asthma and anti-infectives. Menarinis research activities are carried out through Menarini Ricerche, which deals with all R&D activities, from the creation of new projects up to the drug registration. Its Menarini Biotech follows the creation of a biotechnological drug from the very early stages of research, through to the pilot scale and up to industrial production. The Groups Menarini Diagnostics division is a health care company with a worldwide network of affiliates partners and distributors focused on diabetes, haematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, and immunology. In 2011, the company had 13,081 employees worldwide. Massimiliana Landini Aleotti and her two children, are due to inherit the company, valued at US$11.6 billion, following the death of her husband in May 2014. "Paediatric network against ill-treatment of minors" has been launched and supported by the pharmaceutical company, Menarini, together with it:Telefono Azzurro, the Italian Federation of Paediatricians, and the Association of Italian Paediatric Hospitals, has grown beyond Italian borders.
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