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Mekanism is a full-service, San Francisco-based creative agency that specializes in the development and production of innovative marketing campaigns, commercials and branded entertainment for high-profile multinational companies. Mekanism focuses its work on "Storytelling for Emerging Media", a line the company has trademarked. The agency added a New York City office in 2008. Mekanism was founded in 2000 by Tommy Means as a division of a San Francisco-based company named Complete Pandemonium. Means saw the internet as a great potential storytelling medium that was not being utilized and believed there was opportunity for a company that focused its efforts there. Accordingly, in 2003 Means spun off the company as an independent fully integrated creative production studio to develop branded content outside traditional television commercial channels. Since then, Mekanisms core mission has grown, and they aim "to place the Web at the center of all advertising, exploiting it to make marketing cheaper, faster, and more effective -- across all platforms." In the years immediately following the agencys founding as a stand-alone entity, Mekanism added three key partners: Pete Caban as head of Digital as well as Strategic Development in 2003, Ian Kovalik as a director and Creative Director in 2003, and Jason Harris as an executive producer then President in 2005. During this period, the agency began to develop its reputation for reaching young audiences and telling branded stories in off-beat ways that tended to go viral. As much as 90% of Mekanisms work in those years came from other ad agencies (instead of directly from clients) looking to execute creative ideas on emerging media platforms. They began receiving recognition for that work beginning in 2004 and 2005 with consecutive Cannes Golden Lion awards for campaigns on behalf of Napster and Sega, respectively.

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