Meeting Tomorrow

Meeting Tomorrow

Meeting Tomorrow

Aug 29, 3:22 PM

We collected a bountiful harvest this week in our MMCG plot. Can''t wait to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor!

Aug 25, 1:25 PM

Free lunch Fridays are a weekly highlight at MT but thanks to Values Week, we jazzed it up with a Friday Flick before our Summer Party. Thanks to the planning committee for their hard work in planning such an awesome first #MTvaluesweek! #workhardplayhard #lovemymtjob #kindness #commitment #humility #respectandaffection

Aug 24, 1:50 PM

Getting our craft on during day four of #MTvaluesweek. These homemade dog and cat toys will be donated to a local animal shelter in honor of HUMILITY.

Aug 23, 3:37 PM

We are all super full from a delicious potluck lunch to celebrate Meeting Tomorrow Values Week. Today we celebrated RESPECT and AFFECTION and are starting the countdown to our Summer Party! #MTValuesWeek #lovemyMTjob #respectandaffection