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MEDL Mobile Inc. is an American mobile application developer and mobile marketing firm based in Fountain Valley, California. The company designs, develops and markets mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad and Android. Founded in 2008 by Dave Swartz and Andrew Maltin, MEDL Mobile began as mobile app development startup and technology incubator in Irvine, California. In early 2009, the company launched an app development service called the App Incubator, which lets users submit mobile application ideas in exchange for a percentage of the app’s profits once it’s developed. Soon after, the company grew from a handful of people to a full staff of designers, developers, engineers, marketers, architects, and producers. In September 2010, the company moved their headquarters north to Fountain Valley, California - where in June 2011, they became an over-the-counter (finance) quoted company under the stock symbol: MEDL.