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Jul 31, 8:45 PM

How do you cool off on a hot summer day while working in a hot foundry? At Tyler Pipe and Coupling they do it with cold juicy all you can eat watermelons. Watermelon day is a favorite at Tyler Pipe and with weather that has been approaching the 100 degree mark outside but definitely already there in the foundry, watermelon hits the spot. The event planning committee continued their tradition of supporting the community and contacted a local farmer who was happy to supply a truck load of homegrown watermelons that were served in the breakrooms for everyone to enjoy for both the night and day shifts.

Jul 27, 3:39 PM

Tyler Pipe and Coupling was proud to have the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Red, White and You Job Fair which was held at the United States Armed Forces Reserve Center in Tyler, Texas. The job fair was primarily set up to target military job seekers and provided information on the local job market to veterans their family members who might be looking for employment. Tyler Pipe was honored to be invited to the event and show their support for the men and women of the armed forces and the local community!

Jul 26, 2:45 PM

Tyler Pipe and Coupling once again was a corporate sponsor and participant in the annual United Way Day of Caring. Several team members and their families volunteered to work at the East Texas Food Bank labeling cans of crowder peas. Tyler Pipe HR Manager said, Before that day, I had never in my life heard of crowder peas, but after this I will be able to recognize them anywhere. Over 100 volunteers from different local businesses and organizations engaged in a little friendly competition to see who could label the cans the fastest. We are proud to report that the Tyler Pipe team labeled over 4 pallets of peas in 3 hours. Thats a lot of peas! During the three hours of work, the volunteers processed 17,530 meals. Special thanks to the Tyler team members that showed up to support this worthwhile event!

Jul 25, 2:45 PM

PRODUCT SIGHTING: McWane Gulf Sales Manager Arqam Hijawi and his family spotted this Clow Valve Company hydrant outside the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Myrtle Beach while on vacation.