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Aug 31, 3:58 PM

Clow Canada held their 3rd annual EHS Re-Dedication Day at the Saint John, Hamilton and Medicine Hat facilities in June. The purpose of the day is to take time to reflect on the importance of working safely, protecting our environment and our team mates, celebrating our accomplishments, reemphasizing the companys commitment to best in class EHS programs and having some fun. Both locations brought in lunch for everyone followed by various speakers and work station peer review results. Then they settled in for some fun playing one-armed hockey, one-legged golf and one eyed darts to demonstrate the challenges you would face with the loss of an arm, leg or eye. Prizes were awarded to the winners, but everyone had lots of fun. The grand prize was a half day off with pay.

Aug 31, 0:30 PM

Clow Canada has been a long-time supporter of the The Boys and Girls Club of Saint John. At a recent Clow Canada EHS Re-Dedication Day Vice President General Manager Rick Benoit presented a $7,000 check to Amy Shanks, Executive Director of the SJBGC. The SJBGC provides daycare, afterschool care, evening activities and summer programs for kids ages 2-17. They also have a hot lunch program that serves approximately 100 kids per day.

Aug 31, 0:00 AM

Citizens nationwide had been anxiously watching news coverage of the flooding in Houston, Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey. Amidst the disaster there are uplifting stories of strangers risking their lives to rescue people stranded in their homes, even on their rooftops. Houston has a population of 2.3 million people, but at a time like this they need help in so many ways. Manchester Tank & Equipments facility located in Crossville, Tennessee (MTC) enjoys a strong community spirit with a town population of 11,455. While they are a fraction of the size of Houston, the area pilots wanted to help and took it upon themselves to ask the small Crossville community for donations for the hurricane Harvey victims which they will personally fly or drive to Texas. MTC team member Nicole Mullins said, It was amazing to see our small town come together to fill up a big airplane hangar in just a couple hours. With Texas being my home state, I volunteered to drop off the donations from the MTC team at the airport. Some items donated were inflatable rafts, life jackets, air mattresses, blankets, diapers, baby food/formula, baby bottles, men, women, and childrens clothing, dog food, flashlights, batteries, Gatorade/Powerade, aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, rain ponchos, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, snacks, etc. Also, letters and cards from both kids and adults were included to show the people of Texas that they care and will help support them in any way that they can. Were seeing this nation come together once again in a time of crisis. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Aug 30, 9:20 PM

Team members from Tyler Pipe and Coupling (Tyler Coupling) in Marshfield, Missouri are showing their VPP pride this week at the 2017 VPPPA Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tyler Coupling became a VPP Merit Site in 2008 and went on to become a VPP Star Site in 2011. From the top down, Tyler Coupling has displayed outstanding effort in implementing a comprehensive safety and health management system. In fact, Plant Manager Bill Hoffman was named 2016 Manager of the Year by Missouri Association of Manufacturers. McWane is proud to have seven facilities that have earned VPP status. (Pictured from L-R: Co-chairs Mike Gillette and Chet Johnson and team members Amelia Pryor, Landon Keller and Bill Hoffman)