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McMillan LLP is a Canadian business law firm with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montréal, and Hong Kong. The firm specializes in business law, financial services, commercial real estate, competition/antitrust, corporate restructuring and insolvency, bankruptcy and natural resource law. The firm has approximately 400 lawyers. The brand "Americas Canadian Law Firm" is used in marketing in the United States. McMillans business south of the border began in the 1940s when Bill Binch travelled the Midwest soliciting mid-sized companies expanding into Canadian markets. Founded in 1903 by Newton Rowell and together with the leadership of Gordon McMillan and Bill Binch, McMillan LLP has been providing legal services for over 100 years. In 2005, McMillan Binch LLP in Toronto combined with Mendelsohn LLP in Montréal to offer national legal services under the name McMillan Binch Mendelsohn LLP.