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Maximum Play

Aug 1, 11:48 PM

Our CEO Sinjin Bain will be at #GamesBeat tomorrow! Come out and watch him on the "Crafting the Perfect Game Platform" panel at 11:00AM with Zvi Greenstein, GM (Nvidia), and moderator Kate Edwards, the Executive Director of IGDA

Jul 25, 2:01 PM

Be one of the first to experience the future of game development. Apply for MaxPlay's Closed Beta today!

Jul 18, 2:27 PM

Come see Sinjin Bain talk multi-core runtime architecture for optimizing VR development @ Casual Connect SF tomorrow

Jul 7, 9:02 PM

90FPS matters in VR development. Great post on VR sickness concerns @gamasutra. MaxCore is the performance solution for devs.