Matter Communications

Matter Communications

Matter Communications

Sep 27, 1:31 PM

Our volunteers formed a puppy retrieval line as rescues arrived to the shelter from Puppy Pipeline Rescue #HelpingHandsMatter

Sep 21, 11:38 AM

Our latest Employee Spotlight is on Matter VP, Lydia Fakhouri who leads the charge in our #PDX office. Learn more on our blog!

Sep 19, 1:01 PM

Health coach and best-selling author @robynyoukilis is live in our studio today, hosting our sweetest Satellite Media Tour to date!

Sep 19, 9:15 AM

Matter employees took on the awards circuit last week making appearances at the @prnews Platinum PR and Agency Elite awards and @masstlc Awards. Innovative Tech of the Year: Security Award to #client Veridium Technology for a Better Tomorrow Award to #client Sterilis Community Relations/Volunteer Programs Finalist for Matter Helping Hands Initiative Marketing Communications Finalist for La Brea Bakery campaign