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A Mammotome device is a vacuum assisted breast biopsy device that uses image guidance such as x-ray, ultrasound and/or MRI to perform breast biopsies. A biopsy using a Mammotome device can be done on an outpatient basis with a local anesthetic, removes only a small amount of healthy tissue, and doesn’t require sutures (stitches) because the incision is very small. Mammotome is a registered trademark of Devicor Medical Products, Inc. A definitive diagnosis of the breast abnormality can usually, but not always, be made. Most women who have had both a surgical excisional biopsy and a biopsy using a Mammotome device state that the biopsy using a Mammotome device is far less stressful physically and emotionally. Cancer that is first diagnosed by a biopsy using a Mammotome device can usually be treated with one operation instead of two. During the biopsy, most patients experience only mild discomfort. Rarely patients may experience significant bleeding or pain during the biopsy. Following the biopsy, bruising is common. Discomfort, tenderness, and bleeding at the biopsy site are all usually mild, but occasionally they are significant. Post-biopsy breast infection and other risks and complications rarely occur. Complications, from this biopsy or any other type of breast biopsy, can delay subsequent breast surgery. The metal marker sometimes attaches to breast tissue too far from the biopsy site to be useful as a future reference. Rarely patients may have an allergic reaction to the local anesthetic.

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