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Leviathan (/l?'va?.???n/; Hebrew: ?????????, Modern Livyatan, Tiberian Liwya?an) is a huge fish referenced in the Tanakh, or the Old Testament. This word has become synonymous with any large sea monster or creature. In literature (e.g., Herman Melvilles Moby-Dick) it refers to great whales, and in Modern Hebrew, it simply means "whale". It is described extensively in Job 3:8, Job 40:25-41:26, Amos 9:3, Psalms 74:13–23, Psalm 104:26 and Isaiah 27:1. Cirlot identifies the creature as a symbol of the primordial world; monstrous and chaotic, and likens it in this regard to the Scandinavian Midgardorm and Mesopotamian Tiamat.