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Lucy Activewear (sometimes styled as "lucy" rather than "Lucy"), formerly known as, is an American clothing retailer based in Alameda, California. Founded in November 1999 by former Nike executives, it specializes in activewear for women, including clothing intended for use during yoga. It designs, manufactures and sells its own product lines, including items such as jackets, bras, tops, and bottoms. Initially an online-only retailer, Lucy opened brick and mortar stores in 2002 after the bursting of the dot-com bubble; for several years, the company completely shut down its web store. It was at that time the company changed its name from "" to "Lucy Activewear". Though based in Portland, it did not open a store there in 2002 and did not have a retail presence in Oregon until it opened stores in Portlands Pearl District and Bridgeport Village two years later. Today, Lucy has 60 stores located across the United States, primarily in California. It was headquartered out of the KOIN Center in downtown Portland.