Lowes Supermarkets

Lowes Supermarkets

Lowes Supermarkets

Mar 1, 4:50 PM

Pat yourself on the back, pick up some wine and call it #WineDownWednesday. Swing on over to our Sunmill Wines department and treat yourself today.

Mar 6, 0:00 PM

It's that time of the year again, y'all! And we're getting into the spirit, down to the last detail with basketball-themed Oreo. Covered these with orange-dyed white chocolate. #MarchMadness

Mar 4, 3:00 PM

We know its a little cheesy, but sometimes, a quick and easy meal is the quickest way to get a pizza your heart. And our new Lowes Foods Buffalo Style Chicken pizza may be just the perfect slice of heaven.

Mar 3, 1:00 PM

March is #NationalPeanutMonth! So were going nuts with our new Lowes Foods peanuts!