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Lord Aeck & Sargent

Lord Aeck & Sargent

Jul 28, 4:53 PM

Farewell to our 2017 Summer Interns. LAS enjoyed the 8 weeks of your hard work and dedication! #LAS

Jul 21, 10:24 AM

Enjoyed our new VR goggles to explore ice caves in Northern Quebec #virtualreality #thefuture #goggles #newyorktimes #thedaily360

Jul 18, 9:49 AM

#Repost @colonysquareatl (@get_repost) ""In 1973, I was an urban design student at Washington University in St. Louis. At the time I was interested in the emergence of truly mixed use developments as a progressive model for the future of city life. There weren''t a lot of projects of that type taking place in the U.S. -- Rockefeller Center in NY, the Galleria in Houston & Colony Square in Atlanta were notable ones that time. I was taking my architectural exam in Florida at the time + passed through Atlanta to get to the University of Florida where the exam was offered. I made a point to stop in Atlanta to see Colony Square. I visited Jim Cushmans office + toured the project which was still under construction. That was my first encounter with the project. Colony Square was recognized to be important architecturally + as a pioneering urban mixed-use development. Today it is important as being historically significant as a mid-century modern complex and thus worthy of preservation. It was important for its bold gesture to be a catalyst for urban redevelopment. As we look forward to the future of The Square, what is important is that the modifications to the complex respect + creativity draw from Henry Jova''s ""complete thought"" + sustain a vibrant mixed use lifestyle into the future."" - Jack Pyburn, FAIA, Principal @lordaecksargent Visit csq.click/jackpyburn to read more of Jack''s story. #PeopleOfCS #CSHistory #reimagineCS

Jul 14, 5:58 PM

To end the week of our summer interns taking over a #DayAtLAS (or week) we have them collaborating under the stairs. What a great group of interns!

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