Jul 31, 6:25 PM

Making the Jump from Simple S&OP This months Consumer Goods Technology Straight Talk series takes a look at the truth behind Sales and Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning. Henry Canitz shares his insights on creating a repeatable S&OP process. Read the full edition here: http://bit.ly/2vm6rWb

Jul 28, 6:37 PM

Does your supply chain have you chasing your tail? Logility Voyager Solutions is here to give you the visibility you need to keep those eyes OPEN and ready!

Jul 26, 8:14 PM

Logility today announced the Manufacturing Leadership Council selected Logility as a 2017 Manufacturing Leadership Partner Award recipient. This marks the tenth consecutive year one or more companies have been named a Manufacturing Leadership Award winner based on their use of Logility Voyager Solutions. Read the full announcement here: http://bit.ly/2v8x3tI

Jul 20, 4:42 PM

8 Methods that Improve Forecasting Accuracy How can you forecast demand more accurately? Typically, a variety of forecasting methods are applicable to any particular supply chain scenario, but smart supply chain planners use multiple forecasting methods tuned to perform well at different phases of the product life cycle. What are these best methods to forecast demand accuracy? Learn here: http://bit.ly/2l8leiF

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