Sep 1, 4:05 PM

Products people incorporate into their everyday lives tend to have 2 things in common: theyre both useful & usable. http://ow.ly/lG3X30ePej9

Aug 31, 6:55 PM

A truly great analytics dashboard transforms opaque data into stunning insights that resonate with a range of users. http://ow.ly/MjyS30eNd02

Aug 29, 10:10 PM

To be effective, analytics dashboards and reports need to provide a curated view based on user roles and security rights: http://ow.ly/Hzj330eLP7o

Aug 28, 3:50 PM

Implementing security scenarios in an analytics setting often means redoing work, but it doesn't have to. http://ow.ly/lMDq30eJ0GF