Aug 1, 9:55 PM

Open source analytics may allow application customization, but there are a few costly factors that are often overlooked: http://ow.ly/t6kI30e5wzG

Jul 27, 4:05 PM

Engaging analytic applications need more than good data - they need the right dataviz to convey info clearly: http://ow.ly/25Sc30dXm6R

Jul 26, 4:15 PM

Effective prioritization is a critical aspect of product management - it can determine whether your product succeeds or fails: http://ow.ly/nGqN30dVsv5

Jul 25, 10:15 PM

Basic dataviz isn't enough to satisfy your end users - consider 3 questions when designing your embedded analytics: http://ow.ly/ckjm30dUqCW

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