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Liquidnet is a global institutional investment network that connects asset managers with liquidity. Liquidnet trades in 46 equity markets for over 1000 institutional investment firms who collectively manage US$33 trillion in equity and fixed income assets.

Liquidnet is headquartered in New York City and has offices in Boston, Dublin, London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.

Liquidnet was founded in April 2001 by Seth Merrin as a wholesale electronic marketplace where institutional investors could anonymously trade large blocks of stocks.

Merrin estimated that the network needed at least 100 buy side firms live on Day One to create a critical mass. This number was revised to 75, but the company ultimately launched with only 38 institutions. In 2002, Liquidnet Europe launched with nine member firms, with Liquidnet Asia launching with 26 member firms in 2007, bringing its global reach to 28 markets.

Merrin describes his company as “creating marketplaces that enable institutions to trade in size with the efficiency that they sorely need.” In the U.S., Liquidnet’s average execution size of 50,000 shares is 200 times the size of the 250-share average traded in all lit and dark venues. Liquidnet’s average execution in international equities is reportedly 100 times larger than the average.
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