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Jul 28, 10:45 AM

Meet our New York summer interns: Brenan, William, Coreen and Lisa! #workhard #playhard #HumansofLippincott

Jul 20, 1:51 PM

What''s in a Toucan? Lippincotts favorite feathered mascot dates back to the early 60s when the colorful bird was used as part of a cocktail lounge design for The Curtis Hotel in Minneapolis. Our design included three colorful mirrored birdcages hanging from the ceiling. The Toucan even narrated the hotel''s marketing pieces, taking ""human"" branding one step further. Today, toucans can be found all around the office. We give out quarterly Toucan Awards to Lippincotters who go above and beyond, echoing the Toucans intellect and originality. #throwbackthursday #lippincottarchives

Jun 28, 9:20 AM

Lippincott is proud to support our LGBTQ employees, clients, colleagues, friends and family this month, and every other month of the year. #pride

Jun 27, 10:52 AM

""Ever been to a restaurant that uses paper tablecloths? They were all the rage where I grew up. And I loved them, because it meant I could spend the whole meal drawing (pro tip for anyone looking to draw in a public space: people will often assume youre anti-social or not engaged in the conversation, so it doubles as a fairly innocent cover for eavesdropping). I still sketch and take notes by hand whenever I can, and especially when I need to get focused."" - Elena Gil-Chang, Senior Associate, Design #HumansofLippincott