Feb 23, 5:00 PM

Did you know playing with puppets could improve social skills and speech? Its an excellent way for toddlers with special needs to practice imaginary and symbolic play. Give your child a puppet of his or her favorite cartoon character or animal and let their imagination run wild!

Feb 20, 5:01 PM

Good morning! Have any of our fans ordered genetic testing for your child? Share your experience with us by commenting to benefit the rest of our community! #ThinkGenetic #KnowYourGenes

Feb 17, 4:32 PM

Trouble taming the terrible twos? Temper tantrums are typical in 2-year old children. By age 3, language skills will develop for a child to express wants and needs more peacefully. However, there may be situations where tantrums become overwhelming. You should talk to your childs doctor if your childs tantrums - Occurs more than five times a day - Last longer than 25 minutes - Consistently shows aggression

Jan 26, 5:30 PM

Feeling frustrated fighting your picky eater? Here are 3 new strategies for feeding a choosy child: 1) Get creative with the presentation! We eat with our eyes, so allowing a dish to look good will lure your childs appetite. Try making food interactive by skewering fruit on a kabob, or arranging veggies on a colorful platter. 2) Sharing is caring, go family-style! Be sure to let your child serve their own meal at the table. Putting your child in charge of their own meal can prevent potential pushback and pickiness. 3) Wait until hunger strikes! If your child is never hungry by dinnertime, make sure youre not serving too many crackers at snack time. Offer a moderate snack, then take your child for a walk or offer a new art project! Hopefully by dinnertime, they will be ready to eat. Do you have any other helpful tips? Please share by commenting below!