Lifeway Foods Inc (LWAY)

Lifeway Foods Inc (LWAY)

Lifeway Foods Inc (LWAY)

Aug 1, 9:27 AM

Count blessings, not calories by @realfoodgypsy

Jul 31, 2:09 PM

Creamy, dreamy, and packed with healthy fats and nearly 20 essential vitamins and minerals. We love em everyday, but especially on #NationalAvocadoDay

Jul 29, 11:29 AM

Black pepper is often overlooked as a dynamic #superfood. It has the power to aid digestion, ease congestion, stimulate your metabolism, and increase nutrient absorption! Harness their energy with our Black Pepper Cherry Smash. Its a luscious and potent tonic that''ll leave you wanting more. #SmoothieSaturday . Ingredients 1 cup Cherry Lowfat Kefir cup cherries, pitted and frozen banana, frozen teaspoon black pepper . Directions Blend, pour into a glass, garnish with cherries and fresh mint, and enjoy!

Jul 28, 6:02 PM

Friday night, another round of shots... of #BioKefir!