Lifeway Foods Inc (LWAY)

Lifeway Foods Inc (LWAY)

Lifeway Foods Inc (LWAY)

Aug 31, 1:04 PM

Get your picnic baskets packed because today is #NationalEatOutsideDay Whether you are at home or work, take a moment to step outside. Bare your soles to the grass, soak up some sun, and enjoy your meal.

Aug 30, 10:34 AM

Liquid gold. Ambrosia. Manna. Nectar of the Gods. Honey is seen as a celestial indulgence, the symbol of purity, love, and wisdom. Theres a wildness to it, a warming feeling that reminds us of its health benefits and connection to the past. A sacred ingredient that was used in spiritual ceremonies and art dating back to the 7th century BC, Its far more than just the latest health food trend. #SuperfoodSpotlight

Aug 29, 1:36 PM

In the wake of #HurricaneHarvey, our thoughts are with everyone in Texas. We are making a $10,000 contribution to support Disaster Relief Units and Mobile Kitchens operated by our retail partners @HEB that have already served over 8,000 meals over the last two days. We hope you can join us in doing what you can to support all those being impacted by this devastating disaster. . Help us support those affected by donating to some of these great organizations: @SPCATexas | #spcatexas #TexasDiaperBank ( #PortLight ( #HomelessHouston ( @namb_sbc @hearttoheartintl @samaritanspurse . Food Banks: #HoustonFoodBank ( #GalvestonFoodBank ( #FoodBankCC ( . Please feel free to comment with other organizations and support groups that are helping. #TexasStrong

Aug 29, 10:03 AM

Feelin'' toasty with some farm fresh strawberries , natural farmer cheese, and rich avocado on gluten-free bread. #ToastTuesday