New Lexington Clinic P S C

New Lexington Clinic P S C

New Lexington Clinic P S C

Mar 3, 2:00 PM

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day, wed like to thank all our employees for their hard work and dedication! We have great employees at Lexington Clinic!

Mar 1, 10:00 PM

We're told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is that true? Absolutely, breakfast helps kick start your metabolism to burn calories throughout the day. It also provides you with valuable energy to focus and can even promote good health. Fuel your body with the proper nutrients by eating a good breakfast!

Feb 17, 10:00 PM

Shoveling snow is a grueling task, although we haven't had much snow this year. It is important to use proper technique and remember to take breaks. To help keep you safe, check out these reminders and tips for shoveling snow!

Feb 16, 11:30 PM

Physical activity can be tough during the winter, but any time your body moves and burns calories it is considered physical activity. As part of #HeartMonth, check out the infographic to give you ideas on how to get up and get moving!