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Logical Design Solutions

Aug 29, 10:46 AM

Sending our thoughts and prayers to all those affected by #HurricaneHarvey. Together our help can make a difference, donate here http://rdcrss.org/2xA7G11

Aug 25, 4:15 PM

The UX profession has played a significant role in the explosion of services, devices and digital interactions that have become integral parts of our everyday work and life. Because we own the experience part, right? If this is true, then we need to examine the world we are currently helping to create, what our role should be now, as well as the role of the emerging professionals who will have our same passions for the human experience. This will be an interactive discussion about areas like Ethical Design, Calm Technology, temporal value, community, the dual-edge of engagement, and about what this means for all of us and our profession. http://bit.ly/2wBzKRd

Aug 24, 8:22 PM

Aug 2, 6:43 PM

No, it's not the "firehose effect!" It's LDSers stepping in the rain (unexpectedly) to earn their weekly points for the #LDSActivity Challenge.