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Layne Christensen Company is a U.S.-based global water management, construction and drilling company, providing responsible solutions for water, mineral and energy resources. The company has six divisions, which are GEO (Bencor, Costa Fortuna, Tecniwell), Water Resources, Energy Services, Mineral Exploration, Heavy Civil and Inliner. Layne provides total water management solutions for government agencies, commercial water suppliers, industrial facilities, and energy companies. Their teams are responsible for effectively managing water in every phase of its lifecycle – supply, treatment, delivery and maintenance.[citation needed] Throughout each phase, Layne works to ensure compliance with complex state and federal regulations, and to meet increasingly high standards for quality, reliability and efficiency.[citation needed] Layne has extensive heavy civil expertise[citation needed] and a reputation for safety[citation needed], they design and construct comprehensive, end-to-end water management systems, as well as individual intakes, reservoirs, pump stations, pipelines and plants tailored to their clients' needs. The geotechnical capabilities of Layne allows them to improve soil conditions and support subterranean structures in underground construction projects where effective water management is critical, such as dams and levees, tunnels, water lines, subways, highways and marine facilities.


Employees: 2,680
Market Cap: $158.9 million
Revenue: $476 million
5 Year Trend: -15.06 %
Net Income: $-44.7 million
Founded: 1800
Jobs at Layne Christensen Company
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