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LATICRETE International is a family-owned, global manufacturer of construction supplies. With headquarters in Bethany, Connecticut, LATICRETE manufactures on six different continents, specializing in the development of latex-fortified Portland cement-based mortars, adhesives and grouts for the installation of ceramic and porcelain tile, glass mosaics, and stone. The LATICRETE product line also includes waterproofing, anti-fracture, sound deadening membranes, floor warming, surface preparation, and concrete construction chemicals. LATICRETE was founded in 1956 by Dr. Henry M. Rothberg, a chemical engineer. Realizing that the installation methods used for tile and stone were outdated, Dr. Rothberg began a research and development program in partnership with Uniroyal Chemical in Naugatuck, Connecticut. The program led to the introduction of latex to traditional Portland cement-based mortar, resulting in a lighter, more flexible system for installing tile and stone products. This research became the foundation for the "thin-bed" method of installing tile and stone. The thin-bed method involves the application of thin-set adhesive mortars, a product of the research, with a notched trowel. At the time, this was a new alternative to the thick, heavy mortar beds traditionally used by flooring contractors. The companys products are manufactured and distributed worldwide in the commercial and consumer channels. LATICRETE manufactures dry mortars, latex and epoxy products, which include tile and stone adhesives, grouts, pointing mortars, latex additives, self-leveling underlayments, as well as waterproofing, anti-fracture, and sound deadening membranes. Internationally, LATICRETE products are serviced by manufacturing facilities in Australia, Norway, India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, and China. Laticrete (Shanghai) Building Material Co. Ltd in the Songjiang District of Shanghai represents the first wholly owned LATICRETE manufacturing facility outside the United States.
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