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Lane Powell PC is an American law firm based in Seattle, Washington. Established in 1875, Lane Powell employs 200 attorneys with offices in Seattle; Portland, Oregon; Anchorage, Alaska; Tacoma, Washington; and London, England. Lane Powell is a multi-specialty law firm with a broad range of practice areas. It works in labor and employment, in which the firm represents management in labor relations, employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, civil rights, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, OSHA/WISHA matters, immigration in state and federal courts, and before government agencies involved in employment matters. In 2002, when the firm was called "Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP", it was part of a court settlement regarding the collapse of the Portland-based investment firm Capital Consultants LLC, for which the law firm was the primary outside consultant. The settlements, amounting to $25 million, came from the law firms insurance coverage.
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