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Sep 30, 9:33 AM

As a young person who has been on the journey of recovery for years, and traveled the country in the process, I can say that Florida''s recovery community is exceptionally strong. It has been there for me through many difficult times in my life. Honestly, it''s helped mold me into the man I am today. Regardless of where the future takes me, my recovery is inextricably linked to the Florida community. -Jack #SoberInFlorida #RecoveryMonth #RecoveryWorks #AddictionRecovery

Sep 29, 9:24 AM

Tropical day for #RecoveryMonth Daniel is rocking it! #recoveryisworthit #RecoveryWorks #waterwings

Sep 29, 9:15 AM

Katie Armstrong starting out our September LPLS (Lakeview Professional Lecture Series) morning with announcements! Now presenting, Dr. Adrian Blotner.

Sep 29, 7:49 AM

My name is Sean and I am an alcoholic. I have been fighting with that for a long time. But I finally realized that I am an alcoholic and cannot drink or use any drugs. The twelve step program in Florida I attend and the people in that program has helped me realize this and are helping me move forward each day. I used to think that getting sober would be boring, but since this time and actually working the program I learned I was wrong. I have met some awesome people and can have fun doing just about anything. That''s from being in recovery in Florida and learning how to live differently, and just having a peace of mind and knowing that things will work out. -Sean #SoberInFlorida #RecoveryMonth #RecoveryWorks #AddictionRecovery