Feb 6, 6:29 PM

We are excited to announce that Wiley has launched a content sharing pilot across 180 titles! This initiative, powered by ReadCube technology, will facilitate research collaboration by providing authors & subscribers with an easy way to share free-to-read full-text articles. Whats more? The pilot will provide the public with greater access to the latest research discoveries when linking to Wiley articles from over 50 media outlets globally. Read more >

Dec 24, 6:07 AM

It's been an exciting year for the ReadCube & Papers Team. Here are some of our favorite highlights of 2016:

Dec 9, 7:21 PM

Over 219 million articles read in ReadCube this year!! That's over 600k each day! Lucky for Santa, his reading was particularly helpful in troubleshooting issues in his workflow...

May 25, 1:45 PM

We've had such a blast building a pop-up pub for Boston's Pint of Science US festival. Tonight is the last night - so grab your #pint16 tickets now >