Aug 25, 6:16 PM

At the 4th Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS), Aaron Martin will be joining us for two sessions! Learn how a former Amazon executive incorporates lessons from the technology industry to disrupt healthcare and how driving innovation can put patient experience in the spotlight. Register today to join the conversation around patient access!

Aug 24, 4:09 PM

Patients say that easy to schedule appointments improve their satisfaction with healthcare providers. Find out the rest of the top 5 things patients say improve their satisfaction & more in this infographic:

Aug 22, 0:35 PM

Learn how to give your health system's find-a-provider a competitive advantage in online patient acquisition.

Aug 16, 0:40 PM

Live webinar tomorrow! Learn how to garner the support of providers when centralizing patient access. Dr. Erin Jospe & Dr. Nancy Gagliano will discuss the pivotal role physician leadership plays in a successful transition, when & how to start engaging them & recommendations for gaining their alignment around scheduling, referral processes, & care coordination through a call center. Reserve your spot now!