Kneaders Bakery and Cafe

Kneaders Bakery and Cafe

Kneaders Bakery and Cafe

Jul 31, 7:43 PM

Did you miss #NationalCheesecakeDay yesterday? It''s not too late to celebrate!

Jul 29, 10:50 AM

Our delicious hearth breads are where the Kneaders story started, and thats why your soup and salads come with a slice!

Jul 28, 3:36 PM

Happy #nationalmilkchocolateday. Were here to help you celebrate!

Jul 27, 2:02 PM

Meet Spencer Love, our Saratoga Springs, UT restaurant operator. Spencer has been on our team for nearly 9 years, so you could say he knows Kneaders inside and out. His favorite memories during the past 9 years are the times he has made lasting friendships with his guests and co-workers. What does Spencer order from #Kneaders? He prefers the Chicken, Cheese, & Ham sandwich, which he thinks is the best-kept secret on our menu. And once September rolls around, he is a huge fan of Pumpkin Bread! Thank you for being an incredible leader on our team, Spencer. We ""knead"" you!